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Rad Red Styled Elopement

McKenna and Erwin

McKenna and Erwin are some of my favorite humans!! These two love one other as much as the sun needs the moon and you can see it written all over their faces. Their colorful Elopement is bold, bright and unique! From the loud pops of red, pink, and oranges in the floral arrangements to the stark contrast between the white wedding dress and black suit and backdrop. Not only ate the bold colors displayed in floral arrangements, but the gorgeous table scape, as well as the catered food.

McKenna wore our Delta wedding dress a simplistic and timeless. A current trend that I’ve been seeing in the Bridal industry where brides wear minimal to no lace. Delta specifically showcases that with a balance of modesty (the high neckline) as well as sass (with the low side scoop to open back).

**To see more of this all white, simplistic wedding dress head on over to our Talking Flight Collection and click Delta.

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